We Provide a complete range of laundry service solutions

Foasberg provides full Hotel linen, F&B, Spa and Uniform services.
All services provided in-house to insure quality and service standards are met.

All Food and Beverage needs

Restaurant table linens, banquet function linens and all culinary needs.

Full Service Spa linens

We are very proud of our handling of linens for the finest spas in Southern California.

Property Uniforms

We provide uniform dry cleaning and culinary sanitization.

Hotel Linens

We meet CDC guidelines for all hotel linen and terry standards.


Foasberg is very unique in what they provide to each and every one of our hotel customers. What our hotels find that they receive are the following:

Sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers that are white, bright, soft and have a silky feel to them. The silky smoothness is due to only using deep chest ironers, in which the linen spends more time in the heat. These items are perfectly folded so that the bedding package looks perfect in guest rooms 100% of the time.

Our terry is white, bright, soft and fluffy. Our robes are all hand pressed for a great presentation.

We have NO mixing of linens from other hotels.

Our stain percentage is less than 1 percent! We have cameras on our folders that can detect any stain, rip or tear and reject that item. Stain wash is done daily!

Our customers find a major reduction of linen replacement. Unlike our competitors, we do not use harsh chemicals in the wash formulas. It is not uncommon for us to exceed 200 washes from a sheet for example vs. other laundries 60-70 washes! We have major properties that have not had to inject a sheet, pillowcase or food and beverage linen in over 19 months due to our wash process!

Service that is on time… Daily!

We have an understanding with our equipment supplier that we will always take the latest in technology, so that we are always using the best of technology for our customers.

We pass on savings through automation and energy efficiency to our customers to maintain very competitive pricing.

Our hotels see major savings in two of every hotel’s major expenses, that of laundry cost as well as linen replacement!

Why Us?

Experience, knowledge, passion and service 

our Commitment

Active, responsive and immediate service issue resolution